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"All Night"

I want to stay up all night and be in love.

Don’t let me think that I'm too old.
Don’t look at my hands,
or the way the skin has changed
around the nape of my neck.
Or how my hair...
Or the way my shoulders...
Or the shape of my legs...

Or the new depth of life in my eyes...

Don’t let me notice how the
last three, or five, or ten years
have taken their toll.

No, tonight I want to
lie awake and listen to June
through the Birch leaves.


I want to be ready for the last sigh

of twilight, before the breeze picks up again, and the whole of the night-forest

just beyond us, comes alive once more.

I want to be awake for that moment
when your breath calms, and your rhythms slow, and your mouth becomes

a soft line of sleep.

Yes, I want to still be awake
when the house that settled around us
creaks from cool to warm,
and the dark, in its night-clothes,
rises gently and leaves us--
our hands still clasped,
faces touching,
legs entwined,
dreaming of
what stands the test of Time.

All Time. Eternal Time. Forever.


I want to stay up all night, and be in love.

"All Night" em claire©2018

"Is It Made of Love?"

I don’t know if my god
is the same as your god:

Is it made of Love?

Does it want for you
what you want for you?
Does it come to you
with hands opened,
asking for nothing,
but ready
for anything?

Does it whisper to you
of Light and of Stillness,
and point you toward
all of the paths
that will take you there?

Does it remind you
of your Seeing?
Does it remind you
of your Knowing?

Does it remind you
of the gentlest lover
ever you’ve dreamed,
caressing a weariness
from your heart?

Is it ever late?

Is it ever gone?

Is it made of Love?

"Is It Made of Love?" em claire©2018