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Let’s keep Loving.

You are Love; You are Loved,

A Lover's Poetry

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These poems reflect personal experiences that span a number of decades.

If we are “spiritual beings, having a human experience”, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin proposed, then there is no arena like Romantic Love in which to

experience both aspects of this, fully.

Oh, the lowest lows, and the highest highs… I doubt any one of us would

say that romantic partnership is easy, graceful, formulaic or straightforward.

The poetry is loosely separated into three listening categories: the first number of poems reflect the raw and vulnerable passion of attraction. The next number of poems, those chapters of confusion, challenge and change. And the last set of poems explore the blurring of borders and even the disappearance of any notion of separation at all between one's self, another, or a Love Unconditional that is beyond the human confines of intellect or concept.

Our attempts at Loving can increase our depth of compassion for others and

ourselves. Compassion isn’t a given. It’s not necessarily an inherent trait, as we

have probably noticed as our species continues its violent history into a

violent present.

Let's keep Loving.

You are Love; You are Loved,

em claire


Poetry As Remedy...


Poetry can be as soothing as a sunset, and as inspiring as a sunrise. It doesn't have to be a college course in meter, or rhyme.

In our trying times people are turning--in great numbers--to those things that restore a sense of center and sanity. Nature, calming words and passages; meditation and music, art and dance, and poetry, to name a few.

We are an overly stimulated society, and more and more people are struggling to keep up with an unnatural pace.

These poems have soothed and inspired many a weary one over the last ten years that I have traveled much of the world presenting them in workshops and healing retreats.

May this upcoming collection soothe and empower; calm and center. The selection of poems are organized into categories that support the reader in turning to poetry that might speak to a specific life- passage, mood, or milestone.


Blessings on your Sacred journey--what you do for yourself, you do for another. We're all healing, happening and heartening together!

I love you. You're doing great,


em claire

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