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"Long At Sea" by Em Claire

Long At Sea (read by Em)

Home remembers You...

 Even in the wild times in which we are living, there is a Stillness, a Home; a place and space in which you can rejuvenate. I hope that the sharing of these poems can help you find that place and be of benefit to you on your own sacred walk to the Knowing of Home. Over time, I have found that when I find my way "within" to this Stillness place, I discover a profound source of presence, deep guidance, and support that  feels like an all-pervasive, kind intelligence made of light.

Although the word "god" appears often in the poems I write, I could also use the  word Presence. Or Light. Or even Stillness. I find that the word God leaves little  confusion regarding what I am referring or appealing to when it appears  in the poetry. Please mentally insert the name of whatever Source of  Love is real to you; any word that describes the Source which comforts you, but oh, please let it never separate us from one another...

You are Love; You are Loved,

em claire

"The Best Dancers" by Em Claire

The Best Dancers (read by Em)


A Poet...

Oh, such a  reader as a child! I was somewhat interested while in school settings, but mostly impatient---though respectful. And I was especially respectful to, and admiring of those teachers who were passionate and kind, wise and inspiring and perhaps even a bit eccentric. These are the teachers who  encouraged me to write, as both reading and writing came easily to me, and offered a kind of magical sanctuary. These same teachers are also the ones who seemed, throughout my school years, to also pick me out as the "soft heart" in the class and encouraged that side of me, as well. I was a "tomboy" and tried to be tough, tossing footballs around with the boys, and taking karate with my father and two older brothers. But it was only after high school that I accepted what some had seen all along: that in many ways, I was like an orchid in the windstorm of this world.

In my 20's I began to soften and to seek, and to step into the living of the sensitive, "empathic path" more consciously and gratefully. Being a sensitive and an empath is not one of the easiest journeys---but the riches it brings are some that have, more times than I can count, found me with hand on heart, weeping with gratitude. Yet make no mistake--Sensitives & Empaths are some of the strongest people I know...

Poetry as a Surprise

Poetry was a surprise, although I'd always known writing to be a natural expression for me; a way to marry my inner world with the outer world in which I found myself. But I'd never thought of poetry as a voice reflective of my own.

When I went through a divorce just as I began my 30's, what followed was about five years of being tumbled through life, everything seeming as if it had been turned inside-out, and upside-down. There were bright times full of freedom and knowing, and dark times full of commensurate doubt, and this is what caused a kind of spiritual portal to open, where I  earnestly asked, and earnestly listened to answers.

It was this Asking & Answering that continued to allow poems to come, some of which I would explore deeply and for days, reciting them aloud as I took my morning hikes with my beloved dog companion at the time, Amore.

Poetry as Medicine

During the fifteen years I practiced as a massage therapist, clients as well as friends began to ask me to recite a poem or two, out of curiosity when I mentioned my recent discovery of this personal expression. Due to the deep and tearful responses that followed, I began to share more of the poetry, realizing that many people were experiencing the poetry as a "knowing" relative to their own life. This is when I began to see the poems as powerful medicine not only for my own journey, but perhaps for others, as well.

One afternoon, a wonderful young man I was partnered with at the time dared me to write down my "ten best" poems. Until then, I had mostly just had them memorized and shared them with few people.

This act of writing them down, and even daring to say out loud that I was a "poet" is how I stepped into a larger calling that I didn't know I was ready for, yet embraced fully, as I continued to witness how much succor the poems seemed to give to others.

Perhaps it is because we are indeed "All One". I'm so grateful that we are on this mysterious journey together.

Books & CDs

A Soulful Companion...

Home Remembers Me is a specific selection of poems both in written form, and as poetry audio that can be very helpful in times of challenge and change. They seem to support us in coming "home" often---to find center and sanctuary within, allowing for unseen support and guidance.

The poems in this collection point the way, many times over, to that Light within that burns brightly, no matter how dark the times.

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