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Home Remembers Me


A volume of poetry meant for anyone in need of comfort, courage, spiritual companionship, and most of all--Hope.

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Home Remembers Me (Audio)


An audio companion of the poems from Home Remembers Me: Medicine Poems from Em Claire, read by Em.

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Introduction to Home Remembers Me...



If you are like most people, your life has brought you times of profound happiness and times of profound grief. Some fantastic achievements, and some fantastic failures. You may have loved and lost family, friends, relationships, beloved animals and faith in cherished ideas and ideals. There may have been chapters of deep devotion, connection and awareness, and perhaps some chapters of flagrant disregard. If you are like most people, you have known physical, mental, and emotional pain that you thought would never leave, and you have known comfort, contentment and grace that you thought would always remain.


Like most people, I have experienced all of this. And there have been moments of profound intimacy with life—as well as loneliness so lonesome that I was certain I was nothing more than a particle of dust, floating through the universe and with no Home, anywhere in it…


But I’ve come to know that we are Spirit, exploring how to walk on the wobbly legs of a very young species: the Human, Being—with all of its tenderness and beauty, as well as its shadows and hidden compartments, and complexities so complex that they can surprise even the most committed seeker of Universal Truths. Yet as Spirit, we are made of goodness, and our lives are sacred and worthwhile, and we are each loved and supported and treasured—more profoundly than we could ever imagine.


Observing the extreme times we’re living in, I believe our collective soul has embarked on an individual and a communal Medicine Walk. We are each being called to discover our individual purpose and gifts, that we might bring them back to the Tribe—a species that is deeply out-of-balance. The yearning to find your personal medicine may be brought on through illness, divorce, financial loss, or sudden homelessness, addictions or the recovery process…even the death of a loved one who has chosen to gift you with the fierce grace of a space with which to now discover your next Calling, bringing yet greater medicine to the deeply struggling larger family.


May you discover your personal Medicine, and share it with every form of life you touch. When we do this we are saying, “Thank you. I acknowledge the gift I’ve been given. The Gift of Me. I will no longer play small. I will step fully into Who I AM, without apology, or self-consciousness, but in total awareness of the Goodness and the Grace and the Compassion and the Mercy and the Love I AM. My world needs Me and I’m no longer willing to ignore my individual purpose and the unique gifts that I came here to bring. I am Love, Loving.”


And may these poems support you in finding or recovering or discovering the courage you will need to live your truth, serving to nourish and support your body, mind, and spirit through the times in which we are living. These poems found you, and this is no accident. Know that you are Seen. Know that you are Heard. Know that you are Loved. Know that the god in which you believe has heard you, and recognizes the longing and the truth of your heart. And know that your Soul Tribe is connected, heart-to-heart across the planet—and that you now have Family everywhere.


For those who love the quietude of reading, the soulful poems in "Home Remembers Me" will connect the heart and mind, deeply touching the core of being.


And for those who enjoy listening, both CD & book are available. Often hearing the poems read will add an element of depth to the written word that can offer a profoundly different experience of the poems.