It used to seem as if big changes happened in our lives perhaps every three or five years. Now, most of us experience big change about every three or five days!

We're living in times that feel as if we can't count on just about anything to remain the same for long. It's unsettling, and it's causing so very many of us to dig deep, and to find ways to stay centered and keep our tender hearts open.

I don't have all the answers, but poetry is one way I search for them--for universal truths that find their way into words that may help to guide me through confusing times of uncertainty and deep growth.

I hope that some of the following poems will help to both meet you in the challenging place you may be in, and to bring perspective that goes beyond the dear mind, helping to see things from the perspective of Soul...


It is your own life that you desire

to cherish.

Like one brings the downy tuft

of a dandelion to the lips,

blows softly, prays

to give everything away,


only what remains,

of a life well-lived;

a life well-loved...

Nourished and Blessed

by the Suns & by the Soils

and by whatever it was

that finally

opened you.


Life conspires to bless us with an

unrelenting Grace.

Who among us has not been touched

by this generous hand,

freeing us,


or many layers

at a time?

You are the lucky one

who has known annihilation

and then absorption

back into the Love

you seek.

And it is you who knows

that even as the soul-cry rends your very chest,

the whole of the Universe


with Love.

In this place of All

there is at long, long last

no place





There is that knowing-moment

when you realize: Something has ended. 

You round a corner, taking a casual left

or a sharp right, and suddenly you just know

that something, somewhere has

already turned to ash.

Then your heart begins to harden;

all of your actions informed by a decision

to do everything you can to stop yourself

from loving what’s left.

Photo frame by bauble, you begin

to practice imagining them gone.

You try to picture all of the pictures

without faces—just frames—

packed away, or still set in the slim

film of plastic

before you slid a fine

fingernail into them:

frames of your Dreams…

Now the cat curls wherever you curl

because it knows, too, that something

is preparing itself

to steal off into the woods, and to lie down

beneath the canopy of stars or clouds;

the branches, and the boughs;

the needles, and the leaves;

around the roots of a thing…

One million diamonds

will tumble from your eyes,

made from a different kind of pressure:

the force of the Soul.

Oh, the staggering gift of growth,

and everything


the Soul keeps inviting you

to grow 


The poems you've read here are available in the book, Home Remembers Me, a collection of over 90 poems written by Em Claire that support the journey of "a Spiritual being having a Human experience". Also available on audio as a double-CD set, read by the author.