"Knowing" is a word which, to me, speaks of a sense I believe each of us carries deep within that we truly are wonderful.

If we didn't know this in the core of our being, we would never feel surprise and shock, hot tears springing to our eyes when a friend or family member--or even a stranger--acts unkindly toward us. 

We carry a Knowing that we ARE Love. We ARE Loved. And even if we may not always be in touch with that Knowing, it is there. It's built in.

And whatever It is that made sure we carry this Knowing, It champions our every moment of Remembrance.

It is Love. It is Light. It is You. It is Me. It is a Presence within and without that sees us always as our True Identity, applauding our every moment as Spiritual Beings, having a very Human experience...


We are Lightbabies.

Golden Grace.


meant for flight.

We are delicate,

and pregnant with goodness.

We are each made of

such a quiet

that the entire universe can hear us.

There is only

The Opening, The Unfolding

ever happening.

All else are thoughts

~Lollipops for the mind~




parading as Humankind.


Life says for me to tell you this:

Nothing needs fixing.

Everything desires

a Celebration.

You were made to bend

so that you could find

all of the many miracles

at your feet.

You were made to stretch

so that you would discover

your own beautiful face of heaven

just above all that you think

you must shoulder.

When I appeal to God to speak to me

I'm feeling just as small, and alone

as you might be.

But this is when

~for no particular reason at all~

I begin to 



I am a precious occurrence,

and I don't have long.

We are a precious occurrence.

And as long as we think we have,

we don't have long.

Too much time is being spent


from face to face, 


"What is my name?"

If you don't yet know it

~or if you've forgotten~

then become still

go within,

and answer it.


are a

Precious Occurrence:

Tell us your name.

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