A few words on Worth

You're worth it. You're worthy of not only love and affection, but presence, kindness, compassion, mercy, aid, and patience--from others, yes--yet from yourself to your self. This is a mighty challenge for so many of us to practice, and to recover the knowing of.

As Matt Kahn says, "More Love, not Less."

Let those four words be the ones you apply to every step of your journey. Post them on the fridge, write them in a beautiful, bold, sweeping font on the wall by your bedside; put them on a note you carry in your pocket every time you get dressed: MORE LOVE, not Less. (The opposite of what we've been taught, it seems.)

This I know: from every ounce of truth that the universe holds, whatever you took on when your soul decided to wear the human costume for a time--you're doing great.

I love you. We're ALL worth it.



I am a precious occurrence,

and I don't have long.

We are a precious occurrence.

And as long as we think we have,

we don't have long.

Too much time is being spent,


from face to face,


"What is my name?"

If you don't yet know it,

~or if you've forgotten~

then become still, go within

and answer it.

You are a Precious Occurrence:

Tell Us your name.


Give yourself

a beautiful name.

You are 



the human game.

Brighten each word


flame your heart—

didn’t you know?







This morning God asked me,

“When did you stop singing?”

At first, I was angered.

Then, I let the question be.

“Why,” said I,

“I believe it was when I began to follow

every thought that was given to me

by my parents,

and then by my peers,

and then by any passing stranger.

I believe it was the moment I began to choose

achievement over Alchemy

and competition over Compassion.

It was that morning I arose,

and put my feet into shoes

too tight for Freedom;

when I listened, instead of Music,

to mankind.”

“I believe,” said I, “that I stopped singing

the moment I stopped hearing Birdsong

or laughed with the sounds of Laughter.”

“And when did you stop dancing?” said God.

“Or being enchanted by stories?

Or stop finding comfort in the sweet territory

of silence?”

“Why,” answered I,

“It was, you see, when I forgot that

I am You.”

*The above poem was inspired by a short quote from Gabrielle Roth in her book "Maps to Ecstasy", where she cites: “In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: "When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”  The above poem that bloomed from these sacred words that Gabrielle reintroduced into current-day culture, received her blessing prior to her passing (February 4, 1941 – October 22, 2012). To Find Out More about Gabrielle Roth and her incredible offerings to our collective "dance" of life, please visit the upcoming Resources page, here on this website in early March 2019.